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It's very possible, It's very possible to miss something you've never seen or smelled. It's possible to crave something you've never tasted - ask pregnant ladies; and it's very possible to be lost in the delusion that you will ever have it.

Is it the sound of the rain on the roof that takes away my focus on my real life? Is it the song that he sent that got beautiful words from strangers stuck in my head? Is it my hands that are itching to reply  while there is no message to respond to? I have no idea.

A flutter in my tummy, a twitch in my eye, a tremble in my left leg, and a half smile on my lips. You can only draw them out raw as they are, I don't like emotions. How would I even know they are emotions? Oh right I'm human. I thought I was a cat. What with my audacity to think I can ever have you.

I don't like that you're so pretty but not for me, I don't like that you laugh but not by me, I don't like that you crush but not on me, I don't like that you breathe but not with me. In fact, I don't like anything you do without me settled in your heart. I don't wanna call the cops though you're committing a deadly crime. Unfreezing the coldest of hearts.

When did I become so descriptive, it's not me, I feel possessed. I'm very much pragmatic, I wonder why I get sentimental just at the mention of your name. I will regret this. It's a part of the unrequited love business. I have an exit plan. I don't stay where I'm not appreciated darling. Off I go!