28 Oct

“Hey, you can’t die!” A sound screamed at him. It was a delightful voice he longed to always listen to. It was that kind of a voice that was supposed to remedy the soul - that is if one still had one. Derrick was convinced his own soul was beyond redemption. He deserved what he was getting at this very moment.
Pain, sharp pain surging through his whole body, and the pangs that were eating up his heart where the knife had cut through. Blood was soaking up his white tee shirt. His head was pounding, his heart thudding its last beats, his breath coming in through. It was this very moment that reminded him of his sister again. Kevine deserved justice. If she had died, what right did he have to live? In a few seconds, his eyes, heart, and soul gave in to the darkness that was crowding his senses - his life.
Sheila rushed to the deluxe room of Muhazi Grand Resort. It had not been easy to get the directions to the room in which Derrick was in. Of course it was confidential news that the receptionist was not allowed to share it. She had technically begged. Seeing blood, and a Swiss Army knife plunged into Derrick’s heart, she panicked. She couldn’t just lose him.

She didn’t know him at all, but the shadow she had seen in his face called - pleaded with her to dig deeper. Derrick had a sad glint in his eyes that hinted at an unhealed wound, an unvoiced pain, demons that haunted him when no one was looking. She had to know. She had been a certified therapist for more than three years now. It was something that came naturally to her. With Derrick, her concern had been predominantly personal than professional. Some of her patients had committed suicide even after months of therapy. Derrick was not exactly a patient - yet, but she felt compelled, drawn to help him. His aura moved something in her. Seeing him laying on the carpet with blood and a half empty bottle, ignited fear as she had never known.
She had to act as fast as possible. She thought of calling, but she had no one’s number she could call. If she went to fetch the receptionist, she could be late. She screamed instead. She hadn’t done this before, but desperate moments call for desperate measures. In two minutes some of the waiters, perhaps some who were delivering room service to the adjacent rooms. The waiter probably called the security, and in a few moments, they took Derrick away.
“Would you like to go with him, Miss?” One of the paramedics asked Sonia before they left. “No, I will stay here. I need a few minutes alone please.” She said in a soft tremulous voice. She could see the surprise painted on the paramedic’s face. But it was what it was. No matter how she wanted to go with them, she knew herself.

She wanted to pack as much energy as she would need. She could also break apart. It would do no good. In that very moment, the images of her patients who died flashed through her brain. She was not as strong as she seemed. Those two patients had made her question her whole life. She had once thought maybe she was not a good therapist who could help people regain their zest to live. She closed her eyes, drew in a deep breath, repeating words she could mutter to a patient calling her in the middle of the night having a panic attack. She could see how this was going to be: Derrick would be hospitalized, the police were going to investigate this, then she and Derrick were going to have that long talk. Not the therapist and patient one, but the one of a friend opening up. She was going to ask him why he had left his address with him.

It took two weeks for Derrick to get back on his feet, luckily there was no big fuss. The boys had refused to let the media get into it. They knew that it wasn’t that ideal to see your homeboy on the front page of the news, on Instagram, or on Tv being advertised for trying to take his life.

Sonia met Derrick again privately after he got back on his feet; she had to make a follow up on him. Derrick was not exactly sure if she could open up to her. She reassured him that it was going to take time and commitment for him to get through. Six months later, Sonia met Derrick for dinner at Blackstone.

He got ten late - deliberately; he watched her under the soft light in a corner.

Giving up on life is not as brave as he had thought. Derrick thought.

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